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Professional organizing on your level, to bring out the best in you.

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Take Your Organizing to the Next Level

I'm Amelia, a professional home organizer in the Boston, MA area.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to organize. As a child I spent hours rearranging my closet just for fun. The best part of playing with Polly Pockets? Setting up all the clothes in neat rows, sorted by category. I still brag about the time in college that I fit an entire dorm room worth of belongings into a Prius, and could still see out the back. My love for organizing runs deep.

My true passion is using my expertise to help others bring out the best in themselves and their environment. I aim to find custom solutions that meet your needs, whether that's a Pinterest-perfect pantry, a more functional closet, or even a manageable email inbox. No matter where you're starting, or what your organizing goals may be, I'll meet you at your level and find a way to make it the best.

Organized Kitchen Cabinet


Decluttering: helping you choose which possessions you want to keep with you as you move forward in life

Storage optimization: from kitchen cabinet Tetris to dresser drawer shuffling, we'll find a better way to make things fit

Sustainability: use what you have! No need to invest in matching boxes and label makers if that doesn't suit your goals

Visual Perfection: if beautiful matching everything is your goal, we can do a total overhaul to achieve the organized aesthetic of your dreams

Moving: before (get ready to relocate) and after (setting up your new place for ideal use)

Digital Cleanup: if you have trouble managing your email inbox or keeping your computer desktop clean, we'll make technology work for you

Documents and File Storage: organize your important documents and records so they're easy to find when you need them

Neurodivergent and Disability-Friendly: we'll work together to develop systems and solutions that fit into your needs and lifestyle

"Do It For Me": if you don't have the time or desire for a longer collaborative process, just set me loose in your space and let the magic happen

Happy Clients' Homes


“Amelia is a fantastic organizer. I have health problems that make it hard for me to stay on top of cleaning, and she was totally non-judgmental of the mess and clutter when we started. She set up systems that work for me and my limitations, and I’ve been able to maintain a more comfortable and livable space since.”  

Tessa G.

"We moved in the past year--twice!! Amelia was indispensable both times at organizing our new spaces, especially the kitchen and mudroom. She made sense out of a great big pile of pots, pans, dishes, vases, food, etc. and where to place our most frequently used items in the most accessible spots so that we could fit everything. Amelia’s an organizing marvel!"

Linda D.

“I call Amelia the organizer bunny because she approaches organizing with an energy that is boundless and wildly efficient. I have bad executive dysfunction, and she was still able to completely transform how I pack and organize my daily life. It’s because of her that I’m now consistently able to keep my space from descending into chaos. ”

Phi D.

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